Meet the Massage Therapists

  • Andrew | TPC Licensed Massage Therapist


    Andrew is the youngest of six children and has been a licensed massage therapist for nearly 10 years now. He has also coached gymnastics for 8 years, competitively and recreationally. Andrew's mother is a massage therapist so he grew up around massage therapy. Growing up with dyslexia has shaped the way Andrew teaches and drives his compassion towards people trying to learn new things. 

    Andrew specializes in pregnancy, shoulders, and trigger point therapy. He uses all kinds of different modalities he has learned over the years in an integrated way. Andrew has an extensive background in medical (8 years) and spa (5 years) massage. He likes to add spa techniques to his base medical massage to enhance the experience. Andrew also does sports massage, stretching techniques, active release techniques, and cranial sacral therapy work. 

    Above all, Andrew loves teaching people about the body and helping people be their best selves. He tries his best the bring these tenets out in his work. Andrew strongly believes helping some learn in a way that they can understand goes a long way in helping them to care about themselves and know what they are capable of and what they can achieve. 

  • Athena | TPC Licensed Massage Therapist

    (She/Her or They/Them)

    Athena became a graduate of East West College in Portland in March of 2020. She believes that when you take care of and provide wellness for your body, wellness and healing of your mind and soul soon follow. She has deep gratitude for every client that permits her into being a part of their healing journey and she can’t wait to be a part of yours!

    Working in a variety of settings has allowed her to gain hands-on experience in a wide berth of massage techniques and modalities. Her specialties lie in Swedish, Deep tissue, Myofascial, and Eastern influences, such as Tui Na, Shiatsu, and soon to include Lomi Lomi massage. She also enjoys using a multitude of tools to achieve optimal results; such as myofascial cups, gua sha, and essential oil aromatherapy. Clients have described her massages as being both deeply relaxing and incredibly therapeutic at the same time; it’s like waking up from a nap in a fresh, new body!

    When not working, Athena enjoys cooking lavish meals, cuddling with her cats, playing disc golf, and just generally getting her body outside and moving. She has a bright personality and is always looking for ways to help improve people’s day and it’s hard to catch her without a smile.

  • Faith | TPC Licensed Massage Therapist

    Faith has been a massage therapist for 9 years, graduating from East West College in Portland.  She has worked exclusively with chiropractors and acupuncturists. She specializes in deep tissue, trigger point, Swedish, and intra-oral massage therapy which is beneficial for people with TMJ issues and headaches. Faith also has training in reiki and craniosacral therapy.  Every session is tailored to the client she's working with. Faith believes in the body's amazing ability to heal itself.

    Faith has always believed in natural and holistic treatments. Massage, chiropractic, and acupuncture treatments saved her from surgery after two major car accidents. After the first car accident Faith was driven to become a massage therapist because of the healing that she received from treatments. 

    When she's not working with clients, Faith is spending time with her husband,  5 boys ages 5-23, all of whom were born at home, camping, reading, or spending time with friends. 

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